The mainboard

Hi guys it’s me again.

So I have started a new thread on the LinusTechTips forum where I will plan and log the process of this build. See here: €5000 wall-mounted PC

4 days ago I started creating the first AutoCAD 2016 drawings for the millimeter measured ATX mainboard standard. I want to remind you that I just started learning AutoCAD and that my drawings may look a bit newbish to the professional eye but that was not the point of making the drawing.

To be able to mount the mainboard correctly onto the acrylic sheet and the wooden mounting plate, you need to know exactly where the holes are located and how far they are apart. If you are using inches etc. you could refer to this specifications-sheet: ATX Standard If you use the non-retarded version of measuring (just kidding all systems are beautiful) then please feel free to use this: ATX Standard (PNG)ATX Standard (DWG)

ATX Motherboard copy
ATX Specification in mm

I hope this will make it simpler for you and me during the building process. I will use this to let the people that will cut and drill the acrylic for me know, how they have to do it, but I hope that I will find somebody who can lend me his equipment because I think cutting the acrylic myself will make the build more personal.

As always, keep it up!


The mainboard